Sunday, May 25, 2008

Summing Up: Women's Murder Club

I must say that I was really digging the direction they were taking this show in for the final three episodes of its freshman season. While the episodes themselves could have used a bit of work, I did enjoy the fast pace and tweaked style of the show. It's refreshing to see Lindsay happy with someone, and Joel Gretsch was a good choice to play Pete. Lindsay's relationship with her father wasn't as compelling as the show wanted it to be, but it worked well enough. The finale is a fitting send-off for the show, solving the mystery of the Kiss Me Not Killer in a dramatic way. I was satisfied with the finale up until the last ten seconds. It could have ended so perfectly, but they had to go ahead and add in a cliffhanger about dear old dad's health at the last minute. It's a real shame, as is the show's cancellation. Armed with a new showrunner and a newly developed sense of all the characters, season two would have been pretty good. Alas, another fine crime drama cancelled too soon.

Series grade: B
Season finale: B+
Season MVP: Angie Harmon

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