Thursday, June 6, 2013

Take Three: Family Tree

Family Tree: Season 1, Episode 3 “The Austerity Games” (B+)

Though this is undeniably an offbeat, odd show, it’s growing on me. This episode had a fun if irreconcilably awkward spotlight on Bea, who hasn’t had the chance to shine as much as her more put-together brother. Interviewing for a five-year-old’s birthday party was obviously not going to work out well, but the Greek wedding she performed at bombed about as much as that gig would have. Her inappropriate monkey saying that Tom would be dead first because he has less to live for and then agreeing with her that they needed a drink after reflecting on how she doesn’t feel a family connection like the Greeks underscored this quirky show with an interesting dramatic subtext. I love this show’s use of black-and-white photos and video footage to caption some of the historical information Tom learns about, and I also enjoy seeing Keith laugh while watching his TV shows. Everything Tom uncovers is so magnificently bizarre, like the Chadwick Chuck, which was deemed illegal because no one else could do it, and his potential American heritage, and it fits completely with this show’s tone. Learning that Tom and Bea’s grandparents died in a freak hot air balloon accident was intriguing, and I found Tom’s descriptive definition of a black hole to signify the emptiness he felt after his break-up quite compelling. It’s good that this show’s episode order is short since eight episodes will likely be just enough to tell this first and potentially only chapter of this eccentric story.

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