Wednesday, December 4, 2013

What I’m Watching: Homeland

Homeland: Season 3, Episode 10 “Good Night” (B+)

After so many episodes built to this point, it was relatively good to see an hour solely focused on a mission, even if there were on other plotlines going on within the hour. To see all facets of the show united in watching and supporting – to a degree – the operation, including Higgins and Lockhart, demonstrates that this is where the show is really headed, once again allowing the government to place its complete trust in operative Nicholas Brody, who is now behind enemy lines without any support, save Javadi. The run-in with Iraqi police was an unfortunate misstep along the way, and Brody’s commando attitude enabled them to save the operation and miraculously get across to Iran. The fact that Javadi was the first face that Brody and Yousef saw showed that they had made it so close in no time, but, as usual, Javadi is eager to get away with as much destruction and violence as he can while serving as an asset of the U.S. government. Killing Yousef was probably the humane thing to do since he couldn’t have gotten him out and he would have broken sooner or later, but it was still a brutal act, one which makes his subsequent assistance of Brody more believable since it’s on his terms. With only two episodes left this season, I’m sure things will become quite intense, and let’s just hope that Lockhart really is on Saul’s side and behind his operations so that Brody might have a chance of making it out alive.

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