Thursday, August 9, 2007

Second Run TV: House

House: Season 3, Episode 15 "Half-Wit" (C+)

While this episode is a bit better than last year's submitted episode "Autopsy", I still do not see the brilliance so many people seem to find in both the show and its lead Hugh Laurie (both of which submitted this episode and got nominated for Emmy Awards). Laurie's performance feels effortless and a bit overdone. The show itself is fairly boring, and as a casual viewer, the whole team dynamic is pretty hard to latch on to and picking apart the relationships is tough. House's drug addiction and fake cancer just seems bizarre, but I suppose I would have to watch the show more to understand all that. The specific piano player case is not all that fascinating, and no one really even seems to care. A good guest star turn from Kurtwood Smith (Red from "That 70s Show") despite being a very minor role.

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