Wednesday, August 29, 2007

What I'm Watching: The Kill Point (Series Finale)

The Kill Point: Parts 7 & 8 " The Devil's Zoo, Parts 1 & 2" (B+)

What a great finish to this on-and-off show. It truly gets it right in this final two-hour installment, which incorporates elements and ideas not terribly original but still pulls them off with grandeur and excitement. I said last week was intense, but this week even more so with the crazy Mr. Rabbit putting cards on everyone's foreheads to see who will die first (as well as putting four or five on that guy he really hates). And the dramatic release of Wolf's crush and the discovery of all the hostages, who part ways in a well-done scene, where no one has showed up to embrace Abe, who came through despite seeming quite cowardly in the beginning there. Some nice one-on-one chases towards the end, and ultimately a great way for this mini-series to conclude.

Recommended viewing for those who would love a short hostage drama a tad more compelling than "The Nine" but which falls a little short of the Samuel L. Jackson-Kevin Spacey thriller "The Negotiator".

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