Saturday, August 4, 2007

Second Run TV: Smallville

Smallville: Season 6, Episode 15 "Freak" (C-)

This is not bad per se, but there is nothing too commendable about this episode. It is standard "Smallville" through-and-through, a regular case of "Freak-of-the-Week". There are about a dozen plot holes, and nothing makes a whole lot of sense. Most importantly, everyone's memory must get erased by episode's end. And Lex is involved and super-evil as always. Lana and Clark's interactions do not spark the way they used to, but that does not honestly surprise me. I am liking Jimmy more and more as time goes on. The best part of the episode is that Chloe may be a meteor freak. That is a nice direction for the show to take. And does Erica Durance get paid for appearing in less than half of the season's episodes?

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