Wednesday, March 19, 2008

First New TV Since the Strike: CBS Monday

How I Met Your Mother: Season 3, Episode 12 "No Tomorrow" (C-)
Two and a Half Men: Season 5, Episode 11 "Meander To Your Dander" (C)

I had been watching "Two and a Half Men" after the fact before the strike hit, but it has really decreased in quality so I figured I don't have to keep up with it religiously anymore. I cannot stomach "The Big Bang Theory" or "The New Adventures of Old Christine", but I thought I would give the other two, my only option on Monday nights right now, a shot. Everyone is so obsessed with "How I Met Your Mother", and I thought that after loving Jason Segel in the upcoming film "Forgetting Sarah Marshall", I might really like his character on the show. I have seen a few episodes since the pilot, and none of them have done much for me. Neil Patrick Harris, funny as he might be, is the most energetic part of this show and I feel like he sort of could do better (did I really just say that?). Josh Radnor, a.k.a. Ted, is really just a lazy ass badly in near of a haircut. Cobie Smulders, as Robin, might as well just not be there, and the married couple (Alyson Hannigan and Segel) are annoying and unfunny. The plot is nothing to write home about, and as a result, I have no interest in the show. "Two and a Half Men", on the other hand, used to be a lot of fun, and sort of still is, but the jokes are pretty lame and it could be so much better. Jon Cryer in particular used to impress me but now is super-irritating and always trying too hard. Angus T. Jones, for his part, is actually pretty funny. This one will have to stay relegated to occasional watching when I have nothing else to watch.

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whiteygilmore said...

How I Met Your Mother:

Season 2 Episode 9

that will change your view on this show entirely.