Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Pilot Review: Miss/Guided

Miss/Guided (ABC)
Premiered March 18 at 10:30pm

This show could have been so good, but the format they chose is so grating. It is really too bad for Judy Greer, who up until this point has been relegated to scene-stealing supporting roles. This was her big shot at a leading role, and while she is not bad, she puts too much into the role and overacts much like Amy Adams in the recent Disney film "Enchanted" (neither performance is bad, it is all just a bit much). As far as this show goes, it is not that no one cares about the adventures of a guidance counselor, but rather that what should be amusing comes off as painful and annoying. The cast, which includes an unfortunate Chris Parnell, adds little to the show. I was planning to watch episodes two and three on Thursday night, but I cannot stomach any more of this show. It has so little to offer, and coud really use some guidance itself.

How will it work as a series? So much material can definitely be milked from this loose premise, but it is sure to be thoroughly annoying every step of the way.
How long will it last? Thursdays at 8pm is a terrible timeslot for any show, and add to that the fact that this is an ABC comedy, which, with the exception of "According to Jim", is never a good sign. I think this will die a slow, pretty much unnoticed death.

Pilot grade: F

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