Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What I'm Watching: Jericho (Series Finale?)

Jericho: Season 2, Episode 7 "Patriots and Tyrants" (B+)

This isn't a perfect episode, but some of the concepts introduced in this episode make me long for a third season more than anything. Beck's soldiers all pledge allegiance to him and prepare to rise up against Jennings & Rall, Timothy Omundson returns if only for a moment as Constantino, we get to see a tiny bit of the Constitutional Convention, and Xander Berkeley, one of my favorite TV actors, shows up as John Smith. But what really got me excited - and I mean excited - was when Jake and Hawkins barreled through that gate and were met by cries about the sovereign independent republic of Texas. That idea of the warring nations, something only touched upon before, could truly launch this show into a whole new direction, if it is given the chance. The show still knows how to thrill - like when those two Texan escorts shot down the Cheyenne planes. "How does it feel making history?" If this show ends now, which CBS has deemed it will, at least it ended on a good note. But I do hope that some cable network, maybe Sci-fi, opts to pick this show up and continue it for the devoted fans who loved this episode.

Any "Jericho" watchers out there? What did you think of the finale? Should the show get a third season? Post your thoughts!


Cengiz said...

I can't believe CBS sin't picking this up. They left on such a high note. I would LOVE to have seen ACW II and how that effect the Jericho community. And I'm intrested to see what Major Beck is going to do. There is soo much more material here. I'm hoping Sci-Fi picks it up and we can continue the saga

Anonymous said...

Carol Barbee said they are still pursuing more Jericho series. Dated 12-23-08 was the comment.

What a great show would love to see more .....