Thursday, January 30, 2014

What I’m Watching: House of Lies

House of Lies: Season 3, Episode 3 “Boom” (B-)

There’s too much buildup in this season, and not nearly enough payoff yet to make it worthwhile. Things are imploding completely on all sides, and our main characters are making moves to try to stay on top. Julianne getting fired was a worrisome start for Jeannie, and the revelation that the Rainmaker was back in play was the nail in the coffin. In usual fashion, however, she didn’t panic, and instead figured out a way to get ahead of everything. It might be helpful if more than one person knew the truth about someone else’s conniving plan, and that would stop others from being bombarded by hearing about what was going on. Jeannie deciding to jump ship to her saved office space at Kahn and Associates is pretty monumental, though something tells me that it won’t go off as easily as she thinks. Where that leaves Doug is also a question, and Clyde is trapped eternally in servitude to Monica, who won’t let him go without trying to make his life a living hell first. I’m also not convinced that this organic food debate, something about which Marty and Jeannie don’t care at all, is all that interesting, and it seems like it will be a defining part of this season’s arc. No Roscoe in this episode didn’t help since he’s actually a very positive part of the show, and he helps to humanize these snake-like characters. Benita becoming a whistleblower should at least lead somewhat intriguing, if she goes through with it.

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