Wednesday, January 22, 2014

What I’m Watching: Shameless

Shameless: Season 4, Episode 2 “My Oldest Daughter” (B+)

The specific circumstances may have change, but all Gallaghers are slaves to their bad habits, hopeless to be able to stop them. Fiona is a particularly bad offender, sabotaging her relationship with her boyfriend and boss by making him feel needy and lying about that rather violent and unfortunate end to her day of adventure with the rental car. Fiona is primed to have it all right now, and she’s slowly but surely screwing it all up because it doesn’t feel right. Lip, as always, goes for the girls who don’t feel the same way, and having the tutor he insulted ask for his help in getting with another guy was particularly painful, though he managed to seek excitable and mildly unpleasant comfort elsewhere. Debs was smart to tell her twenty-year-old boyfriend that she’s only thirteen, and while they’ve only held hands so far, the nature of their relationship is quite worrisome. Carl testing his siblings’ blood types to determine if they’re a match for Frank is nice, but it’s yet another instance of him idolizing his excessively manipulative father. Apparently there’s another Gallagher girl out there, and I’m quite eager to see what she’s like. Speaking of extra siblings, Kev and Veronica really hit the jackpot with triplets, and their baby story was wild enough without four little people on the way. Kev inheriting the bar isn’t nearly as great as he might have hoped, and something tells me that the son Stan hated knew all along that what he was getting wasn’t worth anything good.

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