Friday, May 30, 2014

What I’m Watching: Californication

Californication: Season 7, Episode 7 “Smile” (B)

Apologies for the late timing on this one – it somehow got lost in the shuffle of episodes to be reviewed and posted. I think we’re sort of at a standstill where not much seems like it’s happening, and we’re already halfway through the season. That said, this installment was still pretty entertaining, even if it didn’t get anywhere terribly productive. Rath just isn’t an interesting character, devoid of much personality since he has such a temperamental reputation, and as a result, he ends up being a pushover despite his initially tough exterior. Hank, on the other hand, continues to do whatever he wants, smoking pot with his young son and then bringing him in to his mom’s office for a fake dentist appointment so that he can confront Julia’s boss, who, like so many of the men in her life, just wants to be with her more than anything else. The whole scene in the office was a lot of fun, and one of the highlights of the episode. Hank is getting more and more attached to Julia and farther away from a true reconciliation with Karen. Related to Stu’s offer, it’s always a blast to see the self-deprecating, hilarious Stephen Tobolowsky as Stu, and to see him change his entire life philosophy at the mere sight of Marcy. She, on the other hand, has become a less full and feisty character, less inclined to protest such ridiculous propositions. She is married to Charlie, after all, so her standards can’t be that high.

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