Wednesday, May 14, 2014

What I’m Watching: The Good Wife

The Good Wife: Season 5, Episode 21 “The One Percent” (B-)

This episode was a real disappointment, mainly because it felt so formulaic on a show that’s usually able to be completely inventive and enticing. This was a choreographed comedy of errors, with Tom Skerritt’s James Paisley perpetually putting his foot in his mouth much to the chagrin of Alicia and the delight of Louis. His comment about feeling like Anne Frank was particularly thoughtless, and Louis’ response of having Howard wear a yarmulke in court was appropriately over-the-top and somewhat hilarious. Alicia failing to correctly differentiate between the two African-American anchors, on the other hand, felt rather rehearsed, and didn’t have the same comedic effect. Yet the trial didn’t feel fresh, and Louis’ presence seems all too menacing in the wrong ways. Kalinda is hovering over him while Diana watches from afar, and unless he joins the show full-time, which I don’t see being productive given the nature of his character, I don’t see where it’s all heading. I’m also not too taken with Finn, who is a perfectly nice guy but a bit flat as a character. He’s just a convenient reason for Peter to want to cheat again, forbidding Eli to tell him what to do because he’s sure that he wants vengeance and doesn’t care if he self-destructs while getting back at his wife. With Will gone now for a few episodes, I’m hopeful that the season finale can productively set the show up for whatever its new direction may be next year as it begins its sixth season.

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