Saturday, May 3, 2014

What I’m Watching: New Girl

New Girl: Season 3, Episode 22 “Dance” (C)

I’m not of the opinion that this show has gone irreversibly downhill this season, but I do think that this was a much weaker episode that lazily attempted to create funny plotlines by exaggerating all of its characters, which it really doesn’t need to do. It’s akin to some of the more grating choreographed episodes of “Modern Family” that don’t put its players to productive use since they’re much more entertaining doing more natural things. Jess’ enthusiasm about a dance certainly made sense, and having her nominate all of the faculty members who never volunteered to be chaperones is just the kind of ill-fated idea that she’s famous for having. Calling in her male friends to serve as emergency replacements when that plan petered out was also logical, but that’s where things fell apart. Interestingly, it was Coach’s behavior that was the most believable, which is rarely the case, though his whistle-blowing and proclamation of the “Worst! Chaperones! Ever!” was regrettable because of its very forced nature. Schmidt challenging a young bully to a race was far from compelling, and Nick drinking soda with the punks in the parking lot served no purpose. Winston running from a gaggle of girls obsessed with his every move was truly inexplicable and illogical. Jess alluding to Cece’s more substantial experience with men while talking to a young student was much more worthwhile, and let’s hope that this show’s final few episodes of this season are much more like that than the rest of this episode.

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