Tuesday, November 6, 2007

What I'm Watching: Heroes

Heroes: Season 2, Episode 7 “Out of Time” (D-)

I want to like this show, but I find myself laughing out loud at most of what happens. First off, who are we missing this episode? Only Sylar and the horrible twins, which is not bad. Thankfully, Hiro is back in the present and his ridiculous perception of the space-time continuum can stop making me cringe. A very unimpressive Matt somehow manages to stop his all-powerful dad while hardly lifting a finger (figuratively, of course). I like the idea of making the characters infinitely more powerful, but not if they are not going to have to try hard and simply chat about brisket and potatoes. The Company defending itself from attack is cool for a second since they are all together, but the show is trying so hard not to provide answers to keep the suspense going (Bob actually says “let’s not talk about the past now”). Nathan supremely needs a haircut. I remember all last year I wished Nikki would die every episode, but now with the addition of all the horrible new characters, I had begun to be able to stand her.

I guess horn-rimmed glasses are not the fashion these days. Claire immediately suspects her father of being the one West (what kind of a name is West, anyway?) identified as his abductor. His stopping by to cook waffles (what???!!) is almost as bad as her reaction to her father’s forcing them to move again. I wish that the virus, instead of taking out a staggering 93% of the human population (because that is realistic), would just kill West and the wonder twins. And out of all the guest actresses from last season (Jayma Mays as Charlie, Nora Zehetner as Eden), the show decided only to submit Ashley Crow, who delivers a consistently terrible performance as Claire’s mother (still topping that list of hateable characters!)

As far as that whopper revelation at the end goes, I am not sure what to make of it. Are we to assume that the Kensei who just interacted with Hiro back in feudal Japan transported right to the future to say hello to Peter, or that the future Adam is actually a far later and more savvy version. Could everything Kensei told Hiro be a lie and he was in fact an all-knowing supervillain all along? I wish that the villains on this show could be more like Sylar used to be, rather than a drunk British guy and an old grandpa. Next week is a flashback episode, if I am correct, which should hopefully provide some insight into what the hell the writers were thinking.

Afterthought: is it a coincidence that the virus knocked out 93% of the population and that .07% of the population are heroes?

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