Tuesday, November 13, 2007

What I'm Watching: Heroes

Heroes: Season 2, Episode 8 "Four Months Ago" (C-)

This episode purports to give us so many answers, but there are even more questions raised by these supposed revelations. Peter and Adam spent 24 hours a day in cells next to each other for over three months and hardly know anything about each other? Peter blew up one second, then appeared a second later with longer hair to save Nathan. Does that make any sense? And how the hell did Peter and the Haitian get to Ireland after running a few feet outside the hospital Nathan was in? Elle is an intriguing character which is good, and now that she is an officially credited member of the cast she should become a more developed character.

The fact that D.L. did not die from Linderman's bullet but instead from a guy with anger issues who shot him point-blank after D.L. just punched him in the face is completely uninteresting. The decision to bring back Jessica is awful. Nikki is only remotely bearable when her alter ego(s) is absent, and with it, I can hardly stand to watch. As far as the worst current plotline goes, I will only comment as much to note which twin annoys me more (a poll which appeared on a "Heroes" fan site). I have to go with Alejandro, since Maya at least does something whereas he just whines all the time.

This flashback episode just does not work. Last year's "Six Months Ago" was a major turning point for the series, after which it got steadily better. Right now the only question that needed answering was how Peter survived the blast, which was not answered at all. Adam's involvement with Peter could have been explained with a brief scene-long flashback, and Elle is still a huge mystery. I am still hopeful that next week will start living up to the hype that creator Tim Kring started when he deemed the last and next few episodes the best yet.

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