Tuesday, November 6, 2007

What I'm Watching: Prison Break

Prison Break: Season 3, Episodes 6 & 7 "Photo Finish" & "Vamonos" (F)

Two pretty big twists cannot make up for this dismal two-hour presentation. How could they not break out? This show is getting worse and worse, and the writers should take any opportunity they can to get them out of prison and back on the run. It is no longer the despicable Company who is the enemy, but rather the elements. Seriously, the glare and the wind are not fascinating adversaries. Why would our two wannabe escapees not bother to take the ladder down from the window? These guards who pulled out of the prison sure come in quite a bit and make a whole dramatic scene. I have heard enough talk of this "justice" as it is carried out in Panama. The guard shooting the guy point blank, Lechero the milkman blabbering on about it, and Alex wigging out because of his postponed hearing and his drug withdrawal. Inserting a whodunnit in the middle of this episode is pretty much the most unnecessary and inexcusable plotlines in recent memory. This show is becoming like the most recent season of "24" as the writers are continually running out of ideas (not that the writers are doing much these days besides not writing, per the strike and all). Lechero getting in on the breakout should hopfeully reinvigorate this show a bit since they will have support from a higher-up. Why could Lincoln not just shoot Susan B. Anthony? Whistler seems to have some tricks up his sleeve which will hopefully inspire Michael to make some secretive decisions a bit less stupid than challenging Whistler to a fight to the death. Because that worked out so well last time.

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