Sunday, November 18, 2007

What I'm Watching: Scrubs

Scrubs: Season 7, Episode 4 "My Identity Crisis" (C-)

This once-great series now feels so forced and desperately blocked-out. Characters pop up whenever it seems convenient they would be there (most notably when all the people lined up behind the janitor). Each episode's general path is predictable, character by character. In this episode, it was clear from the start that Carla would fuss for a while before realizing she is overreacting but determine that she is still smarter than Turk, and Dr. Cox would try to be mean but ultimately figure out that he is nice. J.D. is too jolly and naively annoying - it was cute in the first few seasons, but like any good character, he should have grown up at least a bit by now. I understand that the producers wanted to bring back Laverne in the form of her twin sister or whatever, but could they be a bit more clever about it? As far as the rest of the unnamed characters with pseudonyms, it is much more fun not to know their real names, even if J.D. can be clever about his mnemonic devices. At least we still do not know the Janitor's real name. Although I totally saw that one coming. To me, he will always be Dr. Jan I. Tor, as he was to his son's class.

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