Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What I’m Watching: 30 Rock

30 Rock: Season 4, Episode 13 “Anna Howard Shaw Day” (B+)

While Liz’s hallucinations don’t usually get me, this time around things worked out pretty well. The exciting return of past Liz Lemon boyfriends Jon Hamm, Dean Winters, and Jason Sudeikis was a nice treat, and it’s fun to see them all act together in the midst of Liz’s wild fantasy Valentine’s Day reunion. Her seemingly brilliant decision to schedule a root canal on Valentine’s Day to combat societal notions played out fantastically when she ended up needing someone to accompany her to ensure that she got home safely and could find no one. Liz’s phone call was amazing, calling the receptionist sister, but not because she’s black, because Liz is black too, but then realizing that they’re going to meet each other so she wouldn’t be able to pull that lie off. Jack’s courtship of Avery Jessup was amusing, particularly for the way that she didn’t fall for all of the important phone calls he got from his assistant. Elizabeth Banks was great in the role, and her previous employment at Peace Corp where they drilled for oil instead of the Peace Corps was hilarious. It makes sense that Jenna would be more obsessed with her stalker than he was with her, and while that montage of creepy moments where he popped out of somewhere and she started screaming was somewhat entertaining, I’m glad that it was Kenneth who came to her rescue and was there for her to cut off a strand of her hair. Who knew this absurdist Valentine’s Day could be such a blast?

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