Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What I’m Watching: The Office

The Office: Season 6, Episode 24 “The Cover-Up” (B+)

This week was definitely one of the best unrelated-to-anything cold opens, with Jim and Pam learning Morse code just to mess with Dwight. Jim and Pam pulling pranks on Dwight together is a lot of fun, and I very much enjoy the camera interviews where they’re featured together. Michael’s relationship with Donna sure was short-lived, but this episode did prove entertaining. Pam’s use of the word “amok” and Michael’s subsequent misuse of the term – it’s going to spiral out of amok – was brilliant. Michael forgetting Pam’s mother in his list of past loves was amusing, and so was Pam showing a picture of her daughter right in the middle of showing pictures of Donna making out with other men. It’s almost like one of Michael’s PowerPoint presentations. Pam taking a dive when Donna looked up at the window was also great, and Michael’s reaction of “I’m the mistress” to Donna’s admission was perfect. Ryan’s many ways to spot cheating were entertaining, and it’s fun to see a rarely featured character get a fun scene. Creed had one of those here, saying that “Darnell” paid him an impressive total of $3 to do something to Andy. Darryl messing with Andy was fantastic, and it’s a great way of using him now that he’s come up from the basement. His delight at exclaiming “still no plan” was fun, and it was great to have it followed by his glee at thinking of something as he was in the middle of talking to Andy. His shock at the printer actually started to smoke during filming was hilarious, and I love how it led to his confession and oath never to prank again. The creepy line of the episode award goes to Dwight: “the only solution is to seduce her, bring her to orgasm, and then call Michael to tell him the bad news.”

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Greg Boyd said...

Dwight's line was creepy, and hilarious. But the Donna plot didn't really work for me. Stellar individual moments, but the episode wasn't really cohesive. Looking forward to where the printer plot goes, though.

Creed: line of the night. Without a doubt.