Saturday, March 16, 2013

What I’m Watching: Californication

Californication: Season 6, Episode 7 and 8 “The Dope Show” and “Everybody’s a Fucking Critic” (B+)

There’s something about the phrase “scared straight” that doesn’t conjure up an image of Atticus Fetch and Marilyn Manson. Hank and Karen have never been traditional parents, and it makes sense that Hank would think of showing Becca just what real rock stars are like. It’s astonishing to see what has become of Becca now that she is starting to grow up, and her struggle with being a crazy partier was almost less consequential than her desire to become a writer. Hank’s initial feedback session was a misstep, and it was good to see him revel in misery with Becca after receiving some negative feedback of his own. Faith seems to be a good support system for him, while Atticus’ wife is only going to get him in trouble sooner or later, both personally and professionally. I think it’s absolutely fantastic how two men on this show can constantly compete together for one woman. Previously, it was Hank and Bates vying for Karen’s affection, and now it’s Charlie and Stu trying to win Marcy back. Charlie had more success with her, but his inability to understand what was happening with one particularly aggressive mom seems to have negated the possibility of them getting back together at the moment. Ophelia was nuts in a good way up until this point, but finding out that she’s actually completely crazy makes it more likely that either Stu or Charlie will in fact be successful in getting Marcy to renounce her vow of hatred on men.

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