Friday, March 29, 2013

What I’m Watching: House of Lies

House of Lies: Season 2, Episode 10 “All In” (B+)

Seeing Marty start to look at office space and seek out more investors in his forthcoming firm makes his big plan look more and more like a reality, but there’s an overwhelming feeling of dread that each episode of this show gives off, indicating that not everything is going to work out well for Marty and that he might be headed for catastrophic failure. His disrespect for Jeannie as a person is perhaps the biggest mistake he is making at the moment, taking her completely for granted and failing to congratulate her on what actually does mark a substantial achievement, the extension of an offer for her to run her own pod. Delegating all of his work to her and clearly being jealous of her relationship with her new beau are likely to make her feel underappreciated, and, though she would never do anything about it, it’s likely to make her think twice about whether she’s backing the right horse and has anywhere to which to aspire. When Clyde congratulated her on being offered her own pod, it was a sign that she’s not thinking of herself at all, blind to the fact that she should be able to be successful independent of Marty. Sarah is evidently a good influence on Doug, giving him the appropriate encouragement to nail his own meeting. I’m worried about what Monica is up to, though it was definitely worth it to see Monica and Tamara interact. It appears that Marty has succeeded in making his brother feel entirely unwelcome, and his father chastising him for it was yet another wake-up call that Marty is sure to ignore.

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