Monday, March 25, 2013

What I’m Watching: Justified

Justified: Season 4, Episode 11 “Decoy” (B+)

It seemed puzzling to me that last week’s episode ended on a tense note that would ordinarily serve to set up a season finale, yet this was only the third-to-last installment of this show’s fourth year. This series, however, is immensely capable of making conversation utterly captivating, and therefore little happened but this hour was still immensely watchable. The man of the hour was definitely Bob, who managed to hold out and resist Yolo’s brutality and rile up his captor by playing dumb about Drew’s whereabouts. I love that Boyd and Ava both realized where Raylan was going to try to land a helicopter because of an astronaut’s visit to their high school that had also proved memorable for Raylan, yet another reminder of the small town Harlan really is. Mike O’Malley’s Nick delivered some of this episode’s best lines, telling Boyd that he uses forty words when four will do and then invoking Abraham and Issac and using it to convey to Boyd the importance of relying to the most powerful being in the universe’s command. Nick was especially cruel to Ava, though she did a formidable job of formulating a way out of that situation. Colt and Tim proved equally resourceful in their roadside standoff, and I think that the two of them are an extraordinary match. Shelby had plenty of interesting things to say, recognizing his impending death and reminiscing about when he first met Arlo standing in front of a brothel reading a book while he was on LSD, a rather unique and unforgettable story.

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