Saturday, October 27, 2007

All Caught Up With...Californication

Californication: Season 1, Episodes 1-11 (B+)

This is one of the shows that did not look that great based on the advertisements, and I simply never got around to watching the pilot. When I did, I was instantly hooked. The show has not decreased in quality in the slightest since then; it may have gotten even better. David Duchovny is immensely likeable as an inherently unlikeable writer who has sex with anything that moves. Just like Michael C. Hall with "Dexter", Duchovny has created a character entirely unrecognizable and different from his "X-Files" lead Mulder who is just as intriguing to watch, if not more. The writing and the rest of the cast perfectly support Duchovny. Natasha McElhone tackles what may be her best role yet as main character Hank's ex-wife who obviously still has strong feelings for him. I was slightly alarmed when I realized that Madeline Zima, one of the kids from "The Nanny", was playing Mia and not Becca. It is quite a different role for her, but she does a great job. Evan Handler also gets his own plotlines, with his secretary and his wife, and they are all thoroughly entertaining. The storyline of this show is so fascinating. Luckily, this show got renewed a long time ago, since it is Showtime's highest-rated freshmen series ever. Unfortunately, the season finale airs next week and new episodes will not return until next summer.

Catch this one on DVD if you have not been watching. It is edgy and evidently profane, but well worth it. Anyone who thinks that the current HBO is still supreme to Showtime might want to flip channels and check out this show, "Weeds", "Dexter", and "Brotherhood", and then reconsider.

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