Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Pilot Review: Cavemen

Cavemen (ABC)
Premiered October 1, 2007

I cannot imagine that more than a few people will be interested in tuning in to see this commercial spin-off, and even more so, that anyone will find it remotely funny. Retooled racism jokes are painful and embarrassing to watch. They were hardly funnier in any recent Chris Rock film. People hate cavemen, sure, but their existence is society is unexplained and irrelevant to most of the stereotypes created for this species. The set-ups of all the caveman jokes are so blatant, obvious, and forced. There are even token sidekick characters: the dumb but good-hearted caveman and the pissed-off, “white-people-are-racist” caveman. What are John Heard (“The Sopranos”, “Prison Break”) and Keith from “Scrubs” doing here? Have they gone mad? Do they know that this will go on their permanent resum├ęs? This is not one of those times where I want to tune in again to give it another shot; rather, I wish I could go back in time and have never watched it at all.

How will it work as a series? How many anti-caveman jokes and storylines can you think of? Send them in to the producers; maybe they will use them!
How long will it last? Two years ago, ABC premiered a series called “Emily’s Reasons Why Not” which, after being fiercely advertised on billboards everywhere, premiered to dismal numbers and was cancelled before even a second episode could be aired. I think this show could match that record. Given the popularity of the Geico commercials, it could prove to be a ratings success, and ABC might gain the privilege of having a show more critically bashed than “According to Jim.”

Pilot grade: F-

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