Saturday, October 27, 2007

What I'm Watching: Damages (Season Finale)

Damages: Season 1, Episode 13 "Finale" (C)

This is kind of like the "Heroes" finale - after all the build-up, I think I was expecting more. And to be more satisfied with the crazy twists introduced. For once, I may have to agree with Ellen when she reminds the FBI agents that Frobisher killed her fiancee, and they should really be focusing on that. At least Ellen's mentor is not actually a bad guy, just someone contacted by the FBI trying in a sort of way to look after Ellen. But why the hell is it revealed that Frobisher's #1 henchman, who took on every job himself and was never subtle in the least way about it, is actually a cop? How is that even remotely possible? As far as the bookends go, wouldn't it have been easier and less messy to use maybe a gun or a knife? Seriously, he just kept smacking him in the forehead with that thing. That has got to hurt.

I can understand that this episode is a critical turning point for the show which may decide whether the show is renewed for a second season. But what it introduces requires too much of a leap of believability. Patty trying to have Ellen killed, and worse, having a good number of people in on it, does not make sense. Patty is not that openly corrupt, neither is she cunning enough to get away with it without leaving even a hint of a trail. It is too convenient that Frobisher's people would happen to go there and could easily take the blame for the attempted stabbing. The timing works out a little too well - Frobisher's people did not happen to arrive until after Ellen left and Patty's team had a chance to clean up the whole mess and roll up the rug? I do not buy it. Patty being investigated by the FBI is certainly a re-tooling of the show, but I do not think it can sustain itself for very long. This is one case that may have to be closed forever.

Renew it? No way.
Season grade: C-

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