Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Pilot Review: Quarterlife

Quarterlife (NBC)
Premiered February 26 at 10pm

This new drama stems from an Internet mini-series which now makes the transition to network television. The show tells the story of six twentysomething friends who are all at uncertain positions in their various careers (or lack thereof). The main character, Dylan, runs a blog where she admits all her deep dark secrets as well as carelessly and thoughtlessly revealing information about her friends. She seems surprised when her friends do not take it well, and for someone who speaks so freely to her Internet viewership, she gets taken aback pretty easily. There are far too many love triangles among these six friends, and the plot is dense as anything. The dialogue is horrendous, and the writing is unimaginative and choppy. There does not appear to be an ounce of talent among the cast. This is one series that should have been relegated to the Internet.

How will it work as a series? I would have to assume that it would become repetitive almost instantly, and that can get pretty grating.
How long will it last? Anyone who just finished watching "One Tree Hill" may have had enough of post-teen drama and angst, before realizing that even if they wanted to watch this show, maybe they should do it online. This was strike filler, and now that the strike is over, I expect this show to be gone as soon as NBC can find fresh programming to replace it.

Pilot grade: F

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