Thursday, February 14, 2008

What I'm Watching: Lost

Lost: Season 4, Episode 3 “The Economist” (B)

No way! Sayid made it off the island? As much as that is a shock, boy is he slick as an assassin in the future with some kick-ass long hair. Great to see Thekla Reuten, recently in the film “In Bruges” and a former cast member on the second season of “Sleeper Cell”, guest star as Sayid’s duplicitous love interest slash job. On the island, these shockeroos are fun and all but it gets to be a bit much to take to grasp the idea that the survivors of 815 would not persist in trying to gain answers from their supposed rescuers. Hurley’s role playing is obvious right away, and it seems like a good chunk of this episode has been cut out or trimmed to create real impact with “gotcha” moments. It is pretty crazy that they finally got off the island and are finally heading to some place off of it – I cannot way for next week. Ben making it off the island – not what I expected at all. My bet is that next week’s Oceanic Six survivor will be Sawyer and that Ben does not count. Juliet also should not count because she was not on the plane and the sixth survivor will be… Sun. We’ll see.

In post-strike news, “Lost” will be producing I think five or so episodes after the five more that are already finished, and once the new ones start to air (around April), the show will be moving to the 10pm timeslot to make room for the return of “Grey’s Anatomy”.

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