Thursday, February 21, 2008

What I'm Watching: Law & Order

Law & Order: Season 18, Episode 9 "Executioner" (C+)

I was thrilled when I saw both Michael Rooker and James Rebhorn in the guest cast credits. Both arre fine actors who have often small but crucial and terrific roles in a number of films and television over the years (Rooker most recently on FX's spectacular "Thief"; Rebhorn most famously in "Meet the Parents" and "Independence Day"). Neither is given fantastic material here, but the plot is intriguing. If only the pace could be sped up just a bit. I had planned to stop watching this show once the writers' strike ended, but there is just nothing on Wednesday nights, and my three shows that used to be on have either been postponed to fall ("Pushing Daisies", "Dirty Sexy Money") or have been rumored for cancellation ("Bionic Woman"). With a number of shows returning to Tuesday nights ("Jericho", "The Riches", this new "Quarterlife"), I may have to let those spill over onto Wednesday night and cancel out this tired legal drama.

In "Law & Order" news, Jesse L. Martin is planning to leave the show really soon. Before the season ends, I believe. says Anthony Anderson may be replacing him. I like Anderson, but he is much more effetive in roles like Antwon Mitchell on "The Shield" where he is an evil villain rather than the New Orleans cop in the presumed-dead "K-Ville". If you are a budding actor and want a starring role on a major drama, try out for "Law & Order": they cycle their casts like no other.

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