Monday, February 25, 2008

What I'm Watching: Monk (Season Finale)

Monk: Season 6, Episode 16 “Mr. Monk Is on the Run, Part II” (B+)

This episode provides a fitting resolution for the season, but the case seems sealed up a bit too easily and tightly. It is hilarious to see Monk compulsively cleaning cars, insisting upon perfection and wearing a backwards baseball cap. The reactions to Monk’s death and the subsequent revelation of his being alive by Natalie and Randy are lots of fun. Good old Leland really is the noblest guy ever. The attempted assassination of the governor seemed to come out of left field, and the conspiracy to frame Monk for the murder of the henchman seems over-enforced, reminiscent of the first season of “Prison Break”, not in a good way. Dale the Whale – I did not understand who he was and thought maybe that he had been on the show before (I only started watching week-to-week last season), but my research indicates no. It was a bizarre subplot which I did not understand. Nonetheless, it has been a great season, and I look forward to the show’s return in June.

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