Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Catching Up: Heroes

This show has gone off the deep end without any hope of coming back. There are so many things to decry – I’ll do my best to capture most of them without ranting too much. Why there always needs to be an eclipse I’ll never understand, and the fact that everyone’s powers get taken away and then so easily returned is ridiculous. Sylar should have stayed a good guy, since that was so much more interesting than him being the same exact villain he was in season one. To kill off Elle is unforgivable – she was one of the only strong, solid characters on the show and she kept Sylar in check. I can’t comprehend why she needed to go (perhaps Kristen Bell will finally star on “Lost” now). HRG’s pursuit of Sylar and Elle, the only legitimate thing that occurred during the eclipse, was a great insight into all their characters, and it makes it even more of a pity that it was all thrown away so easily. Sylar’s cat-and-mouse game was poorly out and even more clumsily executed. There’s no call for that kind of simple setup on this show. The rest isn’t really worth talking about, except to say that things have reached such a messy point that there’s no recovery. Most inexplicable is Nathan’s sudden shift from hero to villain, and the volume four introduction indicates that he actually thinks he’s looking out for the welfare of the heroes. The trailer for “Fugitive” looks like it’s been ripped out of “Brazil,” and it could be okay, but I sincerely doubt it. While I’ve considered giving up on this show, I feel it’s safer for me to keep up to avoid getting it spoiled.

Heroes returns on Monday, February 2nd.

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