Friday, December 26, 2008

Summing Up: Entourage

I don’t have much to say about “Entourage” since this season really sucked, with the exception of the first few episodes. Jeremy Piven continued to dominate, especially in “The All Out Fall Out.” I’m not sure what made Kevin Connolly receive his first-ever Golden Globe nomination since this season was really sub-par. I was disappointed by the wasted use of Stellan Skarsgard as ridiculous director, and how it didn’t even matter how pointlessly cyclical “Smoke Jumpers” was. The fact that both new studio head Dana and the powerful John Ellis liked Vince means nothing if the movie doesn’t get made. Gary Cole also hasn’t had a chance to warm up and do anything yet. The finale with the return to New York was sort of stupid, and Eric’s dramatic quitting and then so quickly taking Vince back is an obvious waste of time. Gus Van Sant seemed a bit too stubborn, and it was all a setup for a completely unexpected twist that makes next season so exciting while making this one completely irrelevant. I’m shocked that Martin Scorsese decided to be on this show, but it’s great for Vince, especially after this dry, unlucky spell he’s been having this whole season. Side plotlines like E’s other client and Jamie-Lynn Sigler’s romance with Turtle weren’t terrific, and did little to improve an entirely unnecessary season of this show. Is it beyond saving? Hardly. There were a few small glimmers of hope this year, and hopefully one of the greatest directors of all time can light this show up for season six.

Season finale: C
Season grade: C
Season MVP: Jeremy Piven

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