Thursday, December 11, 2008

Golden Globe Nominees: Best Supporting Actor

My predictions: 3/5, underestimating the love for Neil Patrick Harris and Denis Leary
Who’s missing? This category isn’t significant in relation to the Emmys, so the only sort of big thing is that Harvey Keitel didn’t get in for “Life on Mars”

I’m ecstatic that someone finally recognized Blair Underwood, whose performance was the thing that initially intrigued me about “In Treatment.” He deserves this award. Jeremy Piven has now managed five consecutive nominations for “Entourage,” which I consider quite impressive. Golden Globe voters clearly still like the show, but Piven’s performance continues to be well above the quality of the series. Tom Wilkinson and Denis Leary are direct imports from this past year’s Emmy list. It’s weird that Neil Patrick Harris gets included now, but I’m sure some people are thoroughly excited (reader JG probably loves this category, except for the lack of William Shatner).

Who will win? It might be Tom Wilkinson, but I’d like to predict Blair Underwood.

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