Sunday, December 28, 2008

Summing Up: Californication

I had some qualms with “Californication” midway through this season, but it managed to pull itself together by season’s end. Charlie’s whole plotline with Daisy got pretty ridiculous and out of control, though it may all have been worth it to see Marcy’s awesome takedown of Charlie in the bar. I do like Charlie, but he sort of deserves it because of how ridiculous he’s been this season. The character of Lew Ashby was cool, and Callum Keith Rennie was a terrific addition to the cast. I enjoyed seeing him and David Duchovny interact on a weekly basis. Add into that mix Madeline Zima as Mia and Natasha McElhone as Karen and this makes quite an excellent ensemble. Lew’s untimely demise was unfortunate, but he did make for quite a good book for Hank to write and a good arc for the show to explore. Paula Marshall was another strong force this season as the pregnant Sonja, and her birth scene was pretty great (awfully similar to a previous “Nip/Tuck” finale). I particularly loved Hank’s cheering and his subsequent declaration of “I love you” to Karen repeated right back to him by her. I’m saddened that they’re not both moving to New York together, since I would have loved to see the show back in New York, but I’m impressed by Hank’s willingness to stay. Their relationship is so awesome, complex, and entertaining and I’m thrilled to see that again come next summer.

Season finale: B+
Season grade: B+
Season MVP: David Duchovny

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