Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What I’m Watching: Caprica

Caprica: Season 1, Episode 8 “Ghosts in the Machine” (C-)

This feels like a waste on an episode for multiple reasons. Firstly, I don’t understand why Zoe feels the need to hide that she’s in the Cylon body from her father. It might help if she explained to him that she wasn’t the one who blew up the train, but resisting all of his tests is just dumb. The fact that he’s testing her so vigorously and relentlessly is a bit much, considering she’s his daughter and presumably he cares about her and isn’t obsessed with humiliating her, but what’s worse is that there’s no reason for the tests. No matter what, he’s going to believe she’s in there, and if she doesn’t respond, he’s just going to think that she’s changed. Who wins in that scenario? Certainly not anyone who watches this episode and has to suffer through these countless absurd trials. In New Cap City, Joseph is completely out of his element, and I can’t believe that he would take drugs to enhance his ability to react and gain control of the situation. Also, it’s not like he’s a Cylon, and all of these cheats in the game make it so that he could be almost as godlike and superhuman as Tamara. In any case, it’s not interesting, and having Amanda to fall back on as the third plotline isn’t much comfort. I don’t think having her brother be still alive would do much to enhance the show, and Amanda is no Gaius Baltar, therefore she needs to stop seeing people who aren’t there. It would be nice to have some human-human contact in the real world, wouldn’t it? It seems like we’re very much lacking in that these days.

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