Friday, March 19, 2010

What I’m Watching: Damages

Damages: Season 3, Episode 8 “I Look Like Frankenstein” (B+)

This season continues to get more intriguing as we’re getting the present and future are getting closer and closer to one another. I was expecting a huge reveal about who Carol Tobin was staying with, but the seeming gravity of Leonard’s response to her using an apartment in his name and the homeless man’s reporting of their interaction was substantial enough to merit its seriousness, also eliciting the future connection between Tom and Leonard, which I'm sure we'll learn more about next week. A truly chilling and awesome moment was the way that Leonard said “if you didn’t kill her, then who did?” to Zedeck. My, how deadly things have gotten on this show. Welcome back, Arthur Frobisher. I enjoyed his frustration with the pronunciation of “long and windy road” and how he told his publisher people wouldn’t get it. I’m curious how and if he’s connected to everything else that’s going on, but fortunately it’s all interesting enough, and I liked how his son compared him to Louis Tobin as a much lesser evil. I’m shocked to learn that Tom and Ellen were starting a law firm together, but that does make a whole lot more sense than them having an affair, especially considering Ellen’s likely point of view of infidelity (even though she has no problem using her journalist friend for her own devices). I also suspect that she knew full well that Patty had no knowledge of the upcoming birth of her grandson and told her just to spite her and see how she would react. I love the way that Patty says “we may have another lead – I’ve been talking so Ellen” so intensely. Detective Victor Huntley, portrayed by Tom Noonan, does, however, rival Patty for maniacal line delivery. In short, I’m impressed with the way things are shaping up at this point.

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