Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What I’m Watching: Desperate Housewives

Desperate Housewives: Season 6, Episode 19 “We All Deserve to Die” (B-)

It’s hard to fully appreciate this show when half of the plotlines are hopelessly headed nowhere, and are essentially variations on the same theme. Fortunately, Irina’s thread is all wrapped up, but it still went on way too long and ended exactly as it could have been predicted to end. In both cases, it’s frustrating to see one person so able to see through someone else’s deception while another is hopelessly blind to their true intentions. It’s finally good to have Orson around now that he and Bree seem peachy so that he can point out to Bree that her son isn’t as clever as she seems to think he is and that perhaps she might try looking more into her other sort-of-spawn, Sam. I’m sure that thread will end the same way, but I suppose Bree has to have someone else antagonizing her other than Orson. Mike refusing to accept Susan’s money leads to an entertaining attempt at subtly giving him money. Him turning to Carlos is a bit of a surprise, but I suppose it makes sense and I really liked how that scene was filmed, not revealing who Carlos was until he was done spinning his tale. Gaby is a bit too oblivious to how things would work out were she to donate her eggs to Lee and Bob, but it’s good to see her get a truly dramatic moment where she can appreciate her family. Patrick Logan talking about how he’s writing a book is quite intriguing, and it would be nice if Danny weren’t quite as gleefully dumb and enthusiastic about his own impending disappearance. The revelation of Scavo Friend #2 as the major killer of the season is a bit random, but it does make for a powerful ending scene with Lynette letting evil into her house. There are only a few episodes left this season, and I’m most excited to see how the two murder-related storylines pan out.

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