Saturday, April 24, 2010

What I’m Watching: Lost

Lost: Season 6, Episode 13 “The Last Recruit” (B+)

Now this is exactly the kind of episode I really like, though all those who I watched it with couldn’t stand it. It may not be focused on individual characters so much, but the chance to see everyone and have the action proceed forward is too good to pass up on this show. In one episode, we get to see what’s happening to every character, and even the deceased take on a new life in the alternate universe (Ilana). There is still the familiar frustration of things happening for seemingly no reason, like Zoe and Widmore’s crew suddenly deciding it’s a good idea to shoot Sawyer’s bunch instead of help them. And lowering the security system to keep the Smoke Monster out is definitely a really, really bad idea. Jack raises a fascinating point, which is that the Man in Black wants them to leave so badly that maybe he’s afraid of what happens if they stay. Jin and Sun’s reunion was nice, even if many took issue with their use of English rather than Korean. Perhaps it’s supposed to mean that Jin and Sun are meant to speak English, and that’s why the island has united them in that tongue. Locke’s willingness to tell the truth when interrogated by Jack is refreshing, and learning that Christian was a similar reanimation provides an answer to one of the show’s older mysteries. Off of the island in the alternate universe, everyone is coming together and forming relationships akin to those they had on the island, like Sawyer with Kate and Sayid and Jack while operating on Locke. Desmond’s ability to convince Sayid to presumably not shoot him was impressive, and is a sure sign that Desmond’s role in the grand scheme of things is important. Let me emphasize once again that this is the way “Lost” should continue operating: feature all of the characters, move along the plot, and answer a few questions each time. Tragically, there is no new episode this week, but the remaining installments air on May 4th, May 11th, and May 18th, and culminate with the two-hour series finale on Sunday, May 23rd. I can’t wait.

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