Thursday, April 22, 2010

What I’m Watching: 24

24: Season 8, Episode 18 “9:00AM-10:00AM” (D-)

The grade for this episode is only slightly elevated from the past few because I’m sure it looked fantastic on paper. The ultimate standoff between the President of the United States and its most vigilant defender could potentially make for some great fodder for drama, but in this case, it hardly plays out well. Jack’s declaration of “I want justice” as followed up by the President coming back at him with “and I want peace” was pretty intense, but that was pretty much the most legitimate part of it. Jack stealing a helicopter is just the latest in a series of highly grandiose and fully unnecessary scenes designed to make him seem like a superhuman protagonist who can get out of any situation and turn it to his advantage, regardless of the strength of his opposition. The whole concept of the entire Russian government being behind the assassination of President Hassan is certainly far-fetched, and makes the story suffer as a result. Logan sure looked excited when he found out about the Russian representative’s decision, and the fact that he knew so much to begin with is just too preposterous. Chloe turning to Cole to make sure that Jack doesn’t go nuts on Dana is just plain stupid. I’m curious why everyone is so shocked about Renee being killed, like Dana and President Taylor. Why they care so much is puzzling, but in any case, doesn’t anyone transmit information anymore? They’re clearly monitoring CTU closely enough to track all of Hastings’ missteps, but not a murder?

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