Friday, April 2, 2010

What I’m Watching: Lost

Lost: Season 6, Episode 10 “The Package” (B+)

I’ve never been overly fond of Jin-Sun episodes because they tend to be less than germane to the overarching story and relatively disconnected from everyone else. This one was great though because it moved the story forward on the island quite a bit and gave us some real fun and revealing happenings via the flash-sideways segments. We knew that Jin ended up in the refrigerator at Keamy’s restaurant, but we didn’t know how, and this episode cleared that all up. In this universe, Jin and Sun aren’t married, but they’re still having an affair and Sun is still pregnant. Mikhail still works for Dharma in some capacity, as the “Russian guy who speaks nine languages” working for Keamy. I love how Jin shot him through the eye so that his state at the end of this episode mirrors that of his demise on the island with his eye patch. It’s nice to see Sun standing up for herself since she hasn’t been doing much lately except strolling through the jungle with Lapidus. It’s also good that they’ve overcome this language barrier quickly since that had the possibility to get annoying really fast. Ben having to defend himself because everyone thought that he was the one who knocked Sun out was appropriately amusing. As soon as they started talking about the package, I knew it was a person and the fact that Widmore stated it so definitively made it even more exciting. The revelation that it’s Desmond is great, though I can’t figure out why he’s needed back, unless he’s a candidate. The main thing that’s great about this episode is that it does what this show has had trouble doing in the past: staying focused on keeping the story on the island going along while the alternate universe version of things is being revealed character by character.

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