Thursday, June 16, 2011

What I’m Watching: Covert Affairs

Covert Affairs: Season 2, Episode 2 “Good Advices” (B+)

After an iffy start last week, this episode helps to bring this show back in a strong way, just like “White Collar” earlier that same evening. I absolutely love it when the credits music starts before the credits, and that little whistle that came while Annie was looking around in the gallery for the asset was just perfect. I’m always thrilled to see recurring guest stars pop up again, especially when they’re Israeli, and therefore Oded Fehr’s return appearance was quite welcome. The asset figuring out that they were both spies and subsequently playing them against each other was a neat twist, and having the two operatives in the same place helped create an exciting multi-person roof chase. The relationship between Eyal and Annie is wonderfully complicated, and his happy birthday note was a nice touch. It’s good that Annie does have someone to come home to like her sister and her kids, and that video voicemail was a much-need pick-me-up while Annie wasn’t doing all too well in Paris. Joan’s jury deliberation was more than a bit silly, but I’ll admit that it was fun to see her try to clandestinely make phone calls wihle in jury selection, have her phone get taken away, and then instantly get herself excused with a quick text. Auggie in charge proved to be an interesting sight, and it’s good to see him step into a more official leadership role very much like the one he often assumes, especially when it comes to his work with Annie.

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