Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What I’m Watching: The Killing (Season Finale)

The Killing: Season 1, Episode 13 “Orpheus Descending” (B-)

There are definitely a few things I liked about the season finale of this show, but there’s more than one thing I just can’t get around, starting with the fact that Darren could be the killer. Beyond that, the idea of him having been framed doesn’t add up either, since the Darren we saw in this episode and the one before it was not the same man who has been running for mayor all season long. He’s changed into a much harsher, less caring human being with few traces of the good, honest politician that existed before. Positioning Holder as someone who framed him is peculiar and lamentable. I was thinking earlier in the episode that Holder has somehow finally become a good character and a believable, flawed detective, and to have him engaged in such fraudulent activities undermines the credibility of his character. I really liked the dynamic that was building between him and Sarah, and to think that it was all a front is a shame. I did find Sarah screaming at Richmond to be extraordinarily effective, especially as he right back at her. Having her aboard the plane when she found out that the case wasn’t as finished as she thought (and snapping at that stewardess) was an effective way to keep her immobilized and ensure that she couldn’t alter the course of events, at least for the duration of the flight. Another strong scene was the one at the vending machine between Stan and Bennett’s wife at the hospital, and, improbable as it might be, I’m glad that they didn’t realize each other’s identities. Ending this episode on an entirely in media res cliffhanger is a bit of a gamble, and I would have thought that season two might have concerned a new case rather than this same one. I don’t much like the thought of Holder on the wrong side of the law, Richmond injured and with a vendetta, and the Larsen family continuing to be involved, so I’m hopeful that maybe season two will pick up a few months later and start off some new case. This season has been fairly consistent, even if that consistency was less than entirely inspiring.

Season grade: B-
Season MVP: No one in particular

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Greg Boyd said...

I'd go with Enos for the MVP. She was great.

I will almost certainly not be back for season 2. This finale wasn't terrible, but it also wasn't all that good. Those two cliffhangers were just illogical and stupid, even if the rest of the episode was pretty strong. Your thoughts on the Holder revelation are very similar to my own. I definitely didn't hate the episode the way most people did, and it appears you didn't either. And good for you for not letting your annoyance with the final few minutes color your judgment of the rest of the episode, as it did for so many critics.