Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What I’m Watching: Treme

Treme: Season 2, Episode 6 “Feels Like Rain” (B+)

I’m liking how everything is continuing to come together, as we get brief shots of main characters passing right by each other without acknowledging their respective relevance on the show. Janette speculating on what Albert might be like is especially amusing since we know that they met just a few weeks ago when they were sitting next to each other in the waiting room. On a more serious note, opening with a dream about Creighton was a creative way to indicate that Sophia didn’t know what happened to her father and then to segue into the fact that she has since found out and is furious with her mother for not enlightening her. Sonny is still in the middle of his downward spiral, as he messes up twice in a row and gets himself booted from Antoine’s band. Jacques getting arrested is rather random, but Janette needs to have some connection back to New Orleans, and maybe Toni could help with the defense? Colson isn’t having an easy time of things as more and more of his officers are turning on him, but he is getting closer with Toni, which is a positive thing. Nelson is achieving plenty of success, managing to postpone an imaginary conference call and cement his relationships with all the right people. What’s most entertaining about this episode, of course, is Davis and his surprisingly successful amassing of a group and his efforts to appease his neighbors with a bottle of wine to distract them from the furious and frequent rehearsals he’s planning to have.

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