Friday, June 27, 2014

What I’m Watching: 24

24: Season 9, Episode 9 “7pm-8pm” (D+)

I’m finding this show to be less and less credible as every hour goes by. A lot was resolved in this hour while newer less compelling plot points were introduced or driven forward. The revelation that Heller didn’t really die was a surprise, though not a terribly positive one considering Margot didn’t bother to confirm that simple fact before downing five of the drones and the fact that we saw things play out in real time, so the chance for Jack to make a recording with Chloe to fool the Al-Harazis seems truly unlikely. What we learned, however, is that life really is a videogame, where you can grab the joystick to divert terror in a ticking time-bomb situation. It’s hard to believe that Jack just casually tossed Ian out the window before much more purposefully grabbing Margot and throwing her out after him. The show seemed to breeze right over that, and instead we’re on to the news that Adrian Cross, who is helping Navarro escape the country, is romantically involved with Chloe. Navarro panicked and went into full-on escapee mode when he realized he would be found out, and let’s hope that his clear complicity will help to clear the record of Kate’s husband. It seems highly ridiculous that Navarro would come up as an associate of Navarro’s in a search right away when he bothered to use Cross as a middleman. I know the clock is ticking, but sometimes things just happen much too quickly on this show.

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