Monday, June 30, 2014

What I’m Watching: Orange is the New Black

Orange is the New Black: Season 2, Episode 4 “A Whole Other Hole” (B+)

Now this was a very full and fun episode, exemplifying the fact that this show has evolved from a comedy about Piper’s life to a dramedy about just about everyone in prison, with Piper nothing more than a supporting player. Watching her try to track down the things others took from her when they thought she wasn’t coming back was a hoot, and it was a great scavenger hunt around the prison to see where everyone is. Red and Piper bonding was a blast, and I think that they’re truly terrific roommates. I like the rivalry forming between the two most promiscuous women in prison, Big Boo and Nicky, and that the incessantly talkative Brook was the pawn in their competition. Taystee turning down Poussey’s affection was unfortunate, but not nearly as much as Vee poisoning her daughter against Poussey altogether. Larry and Polly being mistaken for a married couple was the latest in a series of troubling instances that make it abundantly clear that something is about to happen with them, and the lies Larry quickly made up were indicative of his putting too much thought into the idea. The most monumental revelation of the hour had nothing to do with holes but instead with Lorna, who initially seemed like she would have been arrested for shopping fraud. Starting with her first meeting with Christopher and then jumping forward to the trial in which he revealed how completely crazy she was heartbreaking, and the fact that no one knows she went to his house is even more devastating. I’m sure we’ll hear about this again, but it’s tragic to learn that one of the sweetest people is also one of the most troubled.

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