Tuesday, July 1, 2014

What I’m Watching: True Blood

True Blood: Season 7, Episode 2 “I Found You” (B-)

This show is headed in the same direction as indicated by the season premiere, a dark, occasionally intriguing and consistently messy road towards some sort of salvation for these characters, be it in life, death, or the true death. The gothic sex dream that started the episode off was a reminder of just how potent and peculiar this show can be, as the links between Eric, Jessica, Bill, and their respective humans become truly crucial. It’s logical that tensions would be running high among the infected vampires starving for food, and it’s funny to think that Arlene would recognize the teacher vampire who taught her kids since, though you would never think it, kids do still go to school in this very strange universe. Her exploding all over Arlene while she was trying to save them was both disgusting and comic, and it’s far from productive since they’re likely to spend the whole season in chains figuring out clever ways to not be eaten. I’d prefer we saw less of Lettie Mae and her vampire blood-induced Tara hallucinations. I knew it couldn’t be this easy to be rid of Tara. Sookie doing detective work to figure out where the murdered woman came from and going on the road for some vigilante police hunting was less than enthralling, but it was a jolt to flash back to her flirtation with Bill. Alcide, whose presence is almost unnecessary at this point, deserves credit for his mature and incredibly sentimental analysis of Sookie’s former romance with Bill.

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