Saturday, July 26, 2014

What I’m Watching: Tyrant

Tyrant: Season 1, Episode 5 “Hail Mary” (C)

I’m losing interest fast in this show, and it’s a shame since it’s actually getting more interesting. The arrival of an old proponent of peace who might well be able to set things back on the right track if Jamal is willing to sit down with him suggests that there is something new on the horizon, but I don’t think it will take, and I suspect it will take a long time to unfold. What’s most problematic is that this show has turned into something cartoonish, with Jamal furious when Tariq tattles on his brother that he wasn’t exactly where he was supposed to be, and then waiting to give the order to clear the square until he actually sees and questions the brother he no longer trusts to be loyal. Not that Jamal wasn’t always over-the-top, but his tyrannical nature has become a bit too literal, as evidenced by his stringing up of his son’s father-in-law and subsequent use of him as target practice to convince him that he should never speak about what his daughter told him and that she should certainly not be granted a divorce. Meanwhile, as her husband put his life in danger and survived an assassination attempt, Molly is becoming acclimated to the society in which she now resides. It’s about time she got the spotlight after the focus on her son, and it’s proving to be an eye-opening experience, as she can’t believe the way that people are treated and not treated in times of crisis but also isn’t above using her name to ensure that her will is fulfilled.

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