Tuesday, July 15, 2014

What I’m Watching: Orange is the New Black

Orange is the New Black: Season 2, Episode 6 “You Also Have a Pizza” (B+)

Valentine’s Day is a great framework for any show, and setting it in prison gives it an additional edge. It was especially fitting that the guards got to shine, as Healy tried to convey his affection for the wife who hates him and Caputo’s attempts to romance Fischer didn’t go as he planned. Inviting other prison guards to what was supposed to be a date was painful enough, and seeing her flirting with Luschek was even more miserable. It’s quite a feat that Caputo has become a sympathetic character, and a credit to the show for reframing him as such. I particularly enjoyed Crazy Eyes comforting Lorna while everyone else celebrated love, and it’s nice to know that sometimes she knows exactly what to say. Big Boo and Nicky’s sex competition may be over, but their antics continue to be truly enjoyable. It’s understandable that Piper would be annoyed by Larry’s latest attempt to take advantage of her situation in prison to get a story, but she seems just as intent on pursuing it. Larry planting a kiss on Polly wasn’t the smartest choice, but I suspect it’s not the last we’ve seen of that budding romance. It’s good to see Red back on top, though Vee is clearly climbing at the same time, which could lead to increased rivalry. John’s lack of discretion is worrisome, and him being blackmailed by Daya’s supposed friends is probably going to lead to more troubling concerns. It’s great to see a bit of Poussey’s past, and even though we didn’t really get a sense of what landed her in prison, it’s obvious that her life has been a series of deep attachments and then serious disappointments because someone told her that she shouldn’t feel the way she did.

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