Monday, October 13, 2014

Round Two: A to Z

A to Z: Season 1, Episode 2 “B is for Big Glory” (C)

Do the ends justify the means? That’s really the question here, since an extremely sentimental final scene makes an otherwise awful half-hour seem worth it. It’s obvious that Andrew and Zelda are meant to be, perhaps a bit too much so, which is why their relationship is only slated to last eight months or so, and therefore seeing their trials and tribulations isn’t that interesting. I wrote about the same idea when discussing a show that has fewer redeeming qualities, “Manhattan Love Story,” which is that it’s very isolating to have a show about only two people who we know are supposed to end up together. The key difference here is that there is a supporting cast, and their plotlines are truly horrendous. Stu and Stephie exist almost entirely to serve at the beck and call of these would-be lovers and to spend their time helping their friend stalk the other. Lydia is even worse, hawking her dating app and then lacking so much in self-awareness that she had to think that it didn’t work because no one had tapped her. But when Andrew sent Zelda a custom-made license plate and she marched into his office to tell him to keep doing stuff like that and that she didn’t want to be exclusive, it makes me want to give this show another shot. The formula doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, but let’s hope that the supporting characters and their storylines get an overhaul in a dramatic way.

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