Thursday, October 16, 2014

What I’m Watching: The Walking Dead (Season Premiere)

The Walking Dead: Season 5, Episode 1 “No Sanctuary” (B)

I don’t read the comics and therefore don’t know what exists in the mythology of this show, aside from the few things I accidentally read. I will say that this show is brutal and disturbing enough without needing to watch people execute prisoners on screen, and the walkers do just fine taking out innocents without depraved humans having to surgically dismember their captives. I guess it does demonstrate the enduring humanity of our heroes, and the fact that, despite Rick’s insistence that they kill each of these people without hesitation, they’re not willing to become barbarians. This episode was tough to watch, and I’m hoping that the flashbacks to “then” will be the extent of the horrors we’ll have to endure as this season progresses. Fortunately, captivity didn’t last long, and Carol has managed to redeem herself in a big way by saving the day and acting very calm and cool under pressure. It’s not the kind of performance that’s often recognized, but I’d like to commend Chris Coy, who portrayed Sookie’s fellow telepath Barry in “True Blood,” for making Martin into a detestable but completely intriguing character who just kept on talking. Threatening the life of the baby was definitely a tipping point, and he met a fearsome and miserable fate. Rick spray-painting the word “no” above the sanctuary sign was an extremely poignant end to a stressful episode, and let’s hope that, now that they’ve made it out of the cattle car, our friends can rally together and take on their new enemy head-on.

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